Tips & Donations

At Making Coffee we automatically tip farm workers when you buy a bag of coffee from us. But you are welcome to give additional support.

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Meet the People

These are the people behind the drink we all love. These great workers plant, harvest, hand select, wash, dry, roast, and package up the beans that bring that delicious cup of coffee to life.

Ana M.

Ana M.Coffee Logistics

Caludia V.

Caludia V.Coffee Worker

Enrique S.

Enrique S.Coffee Worker

Jennifer R.

Jennifer R.Coffee Worker

Jose H.

Jose H.Coffee Worker

Luis C.

Luis C.Supervisor

Luis M.

Luis M.Coffee Taster

Maria M.

Maria M.Roaster

Ruben Z.

Ruben Z.Coffee Cleaner

Ruth M.

Ruth M.Coffee Worker

Natividad M.

Natividad M.Coffee Worker

William B.

William B.Coffee Worker

Erick R.

Erick R.Coffee Worker

José E.

José E.Coffee Worker

Concepcion M.

Concepcion M.Coffee Worker

Hilda R.

Hilda R.Coffee Worker

José Luis M.

José Luis M.Coffee Worker

Teresa R.

Teresa R.Coffee Worker

Beatriz M.

Beatriz M.Coffee Worker

Geovany G.

Geovany G.Coffee Worker

Sandra M.

Sandra M.Coffee Worker

Morena M.

Morena M.Coffee Worker

Luisa V.

Luisa V.Coffee Worker

Thank you!
From everyone behind the coffee, thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do!
The Making Coffee community, El Salvador